Our mission is to help our customers create innovative services and solutions allowing them to grow their restaurant or take away businesses.

Our fully integrated, versatile, mobile apps and website service gives you the power to grow your business and increase your customer loyalty through your own unique branded online and mobile app marketing. Online ordering is just one of the many features of our product, others include digital loyalty cards, individual offers and discounts, digital marketing to your customer base, online table booking and a lot more, all included as part of the standard package.

Generate more sales and profits from DAY ONE with nEat’s food commerce site and mobile apps- the complete online ordering system specially designed for takeaways & restaurants. Whether you own a restaurant or take away, your loyal customers are the heart of your business. nEat gives you all the tools you need to keep your business in the hearts and pockets of your customers with a loyalty app as unique as your business.

Why depend on shared services like JustEat or HungryHouse that charge huge commissions and advertise hundreds of your competitors alongside your business, when you can have your own dedicated online ordering system at a fraction of what you pay them?

Make your restaurant or take way business work smarter not harder. Contact us today so we can

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