nEat’s mission is to help our customers create imaginative and innovative solutions, allowing them to grow their restaurant and take away businesses. Add your choice of features to let them check your menu, book a table, place an order, get directions and much more.

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Generate more sales and profits from DAY ONE with nEat’s food commerce sites - the complete online ordering system specially designed for takeaways & restaurants.

Why depend on shared services like JustEat or HungryHouse that charge huge commissions and advertise hundreds of your competitors alongside your business, when you can have your own dedicated online ordering system at a fraction of what you pay them?

Streamlined Ordering Allow your customers to order food without the hassle of a lengthy signup process. This reduces order dropouts due to fewer clicks to completion.

A rich feature set designed to help you sell more and give you complete control. Find out how Ordering Website can help your business by offering online food ordering options to your customers.

Our fully integrated, versatile, mobile apps and website service gives you the power to grow your business and increase your customer loyalty through your own unique branded online and mobile app marketing. Online ordering is just one of the many features of our product, others include digital loyalty cards, individual offers and discounts, digital marketing to your customer base, online table booking and a lot more, all included as part of the standard package.

Customers are currently ordering this way through the likes of Just Eat and Hungry House. The only problem is that all of your competitors are on there and you’ll get charged large fee’s for every single order plus a monthly subscription fee.

With mobile phones becoming more important in everyday life it is essential that your customers have the ability to place take away orders, book tables, view menus and call you direct from their devices. Having your own app has all of the following features:

nEat works alongside the UK banking industry to introduce new mobile payment solution - Paym

People want to be able to pay who they want, when they want and have multiple electronic payment services to choose from. But many people have reservations about disclosing personal financial information, especially bank details. Moreover, there are concerns about if and where such information should be stored, for example, within a mobile payments app.

The nEat proxy platform removes the need to store personal details within an application or payment channel. The new platform offers very fast searching for a payee, using only the mobile phone number as a unique identifier. In this way, data storage, search and retrieval are detached from the application - an industry first in UK payments.

This landmark industry infrastructure initiative has the potential to transform the future development of payment applications in the UK and beyond.

The project commenced in October 2012 and the proxy platform went live 29 April 2014, with the launch in the UK of Paym, the Payments Council’s payments service that allows money to be sent using only a mobile number.