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Build a long-lasting relationship with your clients by offering them the most comprehensive Online ordering and Customer Loyalty Management (CLM) solutions with mobile app functionality.

Help your clients increase customer loyalty and grow their business by partnering up with nEat, an innovator in driving loyalty and increasing turnover for businesses of all sizes. nEat provides the technology, features and loyalty programs so you can focus on helping your clients retain customers and grow their business while you continue to grow your revenues.

If you’re a digital agency, marketing agency or association interested in expanding your business by offering a powerful online ordering solution to your clients, this is the ideal relationship for you.

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Work with industry leaders

Since our launch in 2010, hundreds of businesses of all types and sizes have engaged their customers using our loyalty platform. As an award-winning company and the leading online ordering platform and mobile loyalty solution in the UK, our state-of-the-art R&D facility enables us to stay ahead of the curve and the industry.

A partnership to brag about

Our partners are proud to be associated with us, just as we are with them. That's why we offer partners a designated place on our platform tTo promote their business, alongside ours. We may be the backbone of your online ordering business, but it’s nothing without the amazing services you provide to your clients.

Unlimited access to tools & support

As a nEat Partner, you can set up and manage a customized online ordering solution to fit your clients' business needs. And we've got you covered with all the training tools and resources you need to generate long-term loyalty for your clients and help make their business a success.

Online ordering + Loyalty solution in one

We know a thing or two about customer loyalty, and we understand how important it is for businesses of all sizes to create emotional connections with their customers. Introduce loyalty to your clients with our robust loyalty platform and features, including mobile apps, and you will not only create long lasting engagement between your business clients and their customers, but you will also create profitable growth for your business as you win the hearts and minds of your clients. hearts and minds of your clients.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Ready to become a nEat Partner?

Still have questions? Call us on 020 3745 6669

Why Offer Online Ordering & Customer Loyalty Management Solutions?


more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep existing ones coming back

55 - 70%

of a business' sales come from 15% of the most loyal customers


of businesses say mobile solutions are critical to their long-term success

Sources:  1Deloitte National Research Survey and Loyalogy 'LoyaltyPlus Research Study' Jan 2013;  2Center for Retail Management at Northwestern University;  3SMB Group